Natasha Timofeeva (b. 1996, Moscow)
I am a teacher at Garage’s Inclusive Programs department and a sign language translator. I study at Moscow City Pedagogical University, specializing in two directions: working with people with hearing and vision disabilities, and working with people with speech problems.
I am interested in museum and feminist pedagogics, and explore the museum’s educational potential through its work with visitors with disabilities.  

I am a teacher. Before this project, "mediator" was a substance for transferring impulses from neuro cells for me. But basically, what happens between teacher and children is the same as what mediator does with visitors. Impulses that instigate new reflections and questions.

An incident with a boy and girl, both around thirteen years old.

"Why genuinely beautiful and realistically precise images are no longer popular, why do strange, ugly and scary things attract the eye? Are people getting worse?"

Two female students, soon-to-be art historians. They discussed meanings of works that are not immediately evident, e.g. Takashi Murakami: nice flowers and mushrooms with eyes conceal a terrifying story. Nice blue anime-style eyes—radiation.

Why hide real problems in a beautiful package which not everyone is even able to unwrap?

An unusual young man: "Space! Everything is connected with outer space. We depend on it."

“What would an urn with ashes become if installed in a museum—a contemporary or classic art object? Would it be 'normal' to create a composition using urns with ashes?  In Holland, they even organize tours around cemeteries. Where is that borderline between the 'norm' and 'too much'?”, says a girl who came to the museum earlier today to "hook up” with a guy.