Bridging the Distance cycle of public discussions

15 Apr 202106 May 2021
Bridging the Distance cycle of public discussionsBridging the Distance cycle of public discussions


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, together with Berlin’s Center for Independent Social Research (CISR) e.V. and D’EST (France), are launching a series of public discussions dedicated to ethnocultural diversity in the urban space and cultural institutions.

As the increasing migration flows raise complex social, ethical, legal, and economic issues, boundaries within society arise or strengthen: they define the distance between different communities that become excluded from the general agenda.

The attitude to migration processes varies from country to country, depending on a number of factors, including historical and political ones. For instance, ultra-right and populist positions are strengthening in European countries, traditionally perceived as a stronghold of democracy, effective integration, and inclusion.

On the other hand, more and more cultural and social initiatives aimed at creating conditions helping ethnocultural diversity become visible and significant emerge today. These include museum, theatrical, human rights, and educational projects.

Bridging the Distance provides experts from Russia, Germany, and France with a platform for discussing the experience of conceiving and implementing such cultural projects and urban initiatives.

Participants will share the results of their work and plans for the future. Designed for a wide audience, the cycle will be useful for specialists representing cultural and educational institutions interested in the issues of identity and ethnocultural diversity.


The Center for Independent Social Research (CISR) e.V is a Berlin-based non-profit scientific and public association founded in November 2015 by social researchers, experts, and civic activists. The Center’s main objectives include conducting research in the field of social sciences and promoting the development of civil society in post-socialist countries.


D’EST is a Franco-Russian platform launched in 2014 to develop a dialogue between representatives of Russian and French societies, professional communities, and civil associations.


The cycle of discussions will take place online via Zoom and broadcast on YouTube.

The event is accessible for deaf and hard of hearing visitors and will be translated into Russian Sign Language.


Discussion "Ethno-Cultural Diversity in Museums: Russian and French Experience”


Ekaterina Postnikova is Project Manager at the Department of Children’s Projects Development of Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum. She is responsible for inclusive practices, accessibility, and universal design. She studied Human Ethology and Cultural Anthropology and currently curates the museum’s integration project for people with migration experience, aimed at supporting people in the process of social adaptation and cultural integration into Russian society.

Agnès Arquez-Roth is Director of Network and Partnerships at the National Museum of the History of Immigration – Palais de la Porte Dorée, Paris. She defended her Diploma in Comparative History of Religions and Religious Anthropology (Paris–Sorbonne University), graduated from the Louvre School, and received a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Employment Relations. Arquez-Roth was Head of the Database and Visual Resources at Musée d’Orsay; contributed to the creation of the Louis Feraud Museum; and led the Chaumont County’s local youth engagement and territorial development mission. She was Director of the Integration and Anti-Discrimination Assistance and Support Fund (FASILD).

Sébastien Gokalp is Director of the National Museum of the History of Immigration (since 2019), a chief curator and historian. He previously taught history at schools and universities (1994–1998), was Assistant Director for Education and Public Affairs at the Pompidou Center (2001–2007), and Professor of Contemporary Art at the Louvre School (2009–2016) and Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He was curator at the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art (2008–2016) and at the Louis Vuitton Foundation (2017–2019).

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