Book presentation: Temporary Structures in Gorky Park


From 15 February 2019




Garage Auditorium
Book presentation: Temporary Structures in Gorky ParkBook presentation: Temporary Structures in Gorky Park


The bilingual volume Temporary Structures in Gorky Park is a brilliantly illustrated publication tracing the history of the emergence and existence of temporary architectural constructions on the territory of Gorky Park from 1923 until today. The book will be presented by its authors and editors, architectural historians Marianna Evstratova and Sergey Koluzakov; Garage director Anton Belov; artistic director of the publication’s designer, ABCdesign Dmitry Mordvintsev; and conservation architect, expert in Russian cultural heritage Boris Pasternak.

Based on the exhibition catalogue Temporary Structures in Gorky Park: From Melnikov to Ban (2012), the idea of the album belongs to Garage director Anton Belov, who proposed the continuation of the research into Gorky Park’s temporary structures and the completion of the publication with new material, including a chapter about what has been built on its territory in the current decade. Further inspiring the release of an expanded catalogue was the 2018 acquisition by Garage of Alexei Shchusev’s collection documenting the architectural history of Gorky Park.

The new publication features a hundred previously unpublished reproductions of architectural graphics from Shchusev’s collection, as well as two new chapters: The Park in the Modernist Era and The Park in the Recent Times, 2010s.

Overall the volume contains around 300 reproductions of works by Ivan Zholtovsky, Nikolai Lanceray, Ilya Golosov, Sergei Kozhin, Fyodor Shekhtel, Konstantin Melnikov, Sergei Ridman, Alexandra Exter, Vera Mukhina, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Aristarkh Lentulov, and others. Its excellent print quality allows readers to appreciate the beauty of sketches, drawings, plans, cuts, and ichnographies. 


Anton Belov is director of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Graduate of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (NITU “MISA”) with a degree in Physics and Chemistry of Processes and Materials, he founded the non-profit Project Gallery White which worked with young artists, and the ARTGUIDE website dedicated to the coverage of contemporary art. He was a member of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Culture from 2012­ to 2013.

Marianna Evstratova is an architect, graduate of Moscow Architectural Institute, professor at the Moscow branch of the International Academy of Architecture. She was chief conservator at the Shchusev Museum of Architecture, chief specialist in the architecture of the Soviet period at the Moscow Heritage Committee, and chief conservator at the “Russian Avant-Garde” foundation. Author of many popular science books on the history of architecture, she is currently the head of the Moscow Architectural Institute library.

Sergey Koluzakov, PhD, is an architect, senior professor of the Architecture Department at the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography, expert in the practice of Alexey Shchusev, and Marianna Evstratova’s co-author of a series of books dedicated to the practice of Alexey Shchusev.

Boris Pasternak is a conservation architect, certified expert for state historical and cultural reviews, member of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Council on Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Dmitry Mordvintsev is a designer and teacher, graduate of the Orenburg Art College (1989) and Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts (1995). Since 2011, Dmitry has been artistic director at the ABCdesign studio. He is as a designer, teacher, docent of the Communication Design Department at Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, member of Moscow Union of Artists. Dmitry has worked with various public and private cultural institutions in Russia, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Kremlin Museums, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, among others.


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