Book Launch. Breakfast at Sotheby’s by Philip Hook


From 17 April 2015



Friday April 17, 2015, 19:30
Garage Education Center
Admission is free, but advance registration required


When you stand in front of a work of art in a museum or gallery, you ask yourself, “Do I like it?,” “What do I know about the artist?” When you stand in front of a work of art in an auction room or dealer's gallery, your questions are different. You wonder how much the work is worth, how much will it be worth in five or ten years' time, and what people would think of you if they saw the painting in your home.

Breakfast at Sotheby's is a fascinating story about how art is given a financial value. The book was published in 2013, in English, by Penguin Books, and in late 2014 it was published in Russian translation by Azbuka, Azbuka-Atticus.

The well-known English art historian Philip Hook, with thirty-five years' experience in the enigmatic and impenetrable life of the art market, explores the secrets of how certain artists and art movements achieve popularity, the relationship between the artist and the sitter, stories of sensational thefts and forgeries, and much more. Comic, absorbing and piquant, with unexpected and often paradoxical plot twists, Breakfast at Sotheby's is intelligently observed and a pleasure to read, as engaged with art as it is with the world that surrounds it.

Philip Hook talks to Garage director Anton Belov.

Philip Hook is a director and senior paintings specialist at Sotheby's. He has worked in the art world for thirty-five years, during which time he has also been a director of Christie's and an international art dealer. He is the author of five novels and two works of art history, including The Ultimate Trophy, a history of Impressionist painting. He has appeared regularly on television, from 1978–2003 on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

Anton Belov is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (NITU "MISA"), founder of the nonprofit Project Gallery White, which works with young artists, and the bilingual magazine and online resource ARTGUIDE, dedicated to the coverage of events in the field of contemporary art. Since October 2010, he has been the director of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, an independent platform for the cultural development of new thinking through exhibitions, educational, and scientific activities.


Presentation will be in Russian and in English with simultaneous translation. ID is required for hire of the equipment.