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"Beta version of 'the' museum": Public talk by the Laagencia bureau of artistic projects

Bureau des transmissions
19 April 2019


Referencing and questioning their own experiences by recreating the Escuela de Garage (Garage School) project Laagencia will give a talk on the ideas of Hospitality and Leisure on the architecture of institutions.

They will share their unique strategies, methodologies, devices dedicated to the topics of art+education and mediation. They will share such tools as (des)structures, Hacking, and Banquets. By doing study groups and the practice of archiving and publishing its results, Laagencia tries to navigate or choreograph their way through the architecture of institutions to a 2.0 or even better Beta version of “the” museum.


Laagencia, founded in 2010 by five artists and based in Colombia, is an office for art projects that nurtures the research and processes on art+education. Through its current research and open program Escuela de Garage (Garage School), Laagencia aims to give visibility to a larger number of local, national, and international initiatives and interests that inquire into different ways of knowledge production, and its channels of circulation.


Free admission with advance registration.


Please note that the lecture will be conducted in English with translation into Russian.

The lecture will be interpreted into Russian Sign Language and is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.

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