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Celebrating Badass Women from History. A seminar by Bee Rowlatt

11 May 2016


Prominent writer and journalist Bee Rowlatt, whose most recent book was chosen by Britain’s The Independent as one of the best biographies of 2015, will conduct a creative seminar at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Bee Rowlatt, a writer and journalist who has spent over two decades working for the BBC, will conduct a creative seminar titled "Celebrating Badass Women from History". The event acts as a seminar on journalism and creative writing, and also functions as a discussion on the genesis of the feminist movement in England. The seminar covers the amazing history of some of feminism’s major players, and the applicability of their stories today.

This seminar was organized by the British Council in partnership with Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for the UK-Russia Year of Languages and Literature 2016.



Bee Rowlatt is a writer and journalist. Her latest book In Search of Mary: The Mother of all Journeys recounts the author’s pilgrimage in search of the life and legacy of Mary Wollstonecraft, the first celebrity feminist. The book was named one of the best biographies of 2015 by The Independent newspaper, and has been featured on the BBC’s Woman’s Hour program, and at ITV News.

Rowlatt is co-author of the book Talking About Jane Austin in Baghdad (2010). She has been working with the BBC World Service for over two decades, and has also been published in The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Mail, and Grazia. She lives and works in New Delhi, and regularly holds workshops on journalism and feminism. She has taken the lead on a new monument to Mary Wollstonecraft.


The British Council has been working in Russia for more than 20 years developing bilateral relations between Russia and the UK, and facilitating cultural exchange in the spheres of art, science, and the English language.


Free admission, registration required.

The seminar will be conducted in English with translation into Russian.

To register for a class, please send an email with your name, age, phone number, and email address to with the subject: Workshop with Bee Rowlatt.

Admission is free, space is limited.

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