Battle of the Curators—EUNIC exchange program presentations


From 8 December 2018




Garage Auditorium
Battle of  the Curators—EUNIC exchange program presentationsBattle of  the Curators—EUNIC exchange program presentations


It is the seventh year of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) program of residencies for young Russian curators. This year, seven young Russian curators attended residencies in centres of contemporary art in different European countries in order to write their own project. During the final event at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, a jury will select one project and award a grant that must be used to realise the project.

The program’s goal is to provide curators with an opportunity to work in a foreign contemporary art structure providing inspiration to elaborate on a concept for an art project. The topic of the project is decided each year. The jury will select the winner based on presentations of the projects. The best project will then be realized in one of the cultural institutions in Russia. This year’s residencies ran in Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, Lenbahhaus in Munich, Rupert art center in Vilnius, Witte de With in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Design Museum in Helsinki, Le Chateau d’Oiron, France, and Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm.

After an open call in April, the institutes chose Alexandra Anikina, Yana Gaponenko, Julia Grachikova, Ksenia Kaverina, Tatiana Kudryavtseva, Marina Pugina, and Maria Sarycheva to participate in the residencies. The projects prepared by the participants were framed by the topic of “Art activating its environment”. The topic had its own purpose: one of the goals of the program is to try to investigate internal bonds of art processes and to present it to a wide audience. Art often interacts with the environment in a broader sense including local spaces and global processes. That gives a lot of space for a curatorial research.

There will be an artist talk before the presentation with Rupert art center director Juste Jonutyte and the director of finance and organisation at Arts Electronia, Veronika Leibl. Afterwards, the participants will present their projects, with the author of the winning project, selected by the jury, being awarded a grant of 4000 euro for its realization. There will also be a chance for the audience to vote for the winner of the Audience Award of 1000 euro.

The 2018 jury members are: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art curator Valentin Diaconov; Moscow Museum of Modern Art curator Anna Zhurba; Moscow Museum of Modern Art researcher and Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art curator Alexey Maslyaev; Solyanka VPA exhibition space curator Margarita Osepyan; and curator of V-A-C Foundation’s V-A-C LIFE program Andrey Parshikov.



Alexandra Anikina, London/Moscow —  an independent researcher, media artist, and curator. She is currently writing a PhD thesis on generative cinema and media arts within the framework of critical post-humanism at the Goldsmiths, University, London, where she runs a Film and Audiovisual course. Her residency took place at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.




Ksenia Kaverina, Helsinki — a curator at Aalto University (Helsinki), a graduate of CuMMA - Curating, Managing and Mediating Art. She works as a producer and curator of exhibitions, translator, and journalist. She connects her practice in critics with language and discourse. The residency took place at Le Chateau d'Oiron in France.




Tatiana Kudryavtseva, Amsterdam / Moscow — a curator in the field of design, organizer and inspirer of independent projects with Russian object designers. Currently studying the masters course of Design Cultures at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her residency took place at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland. 




Maria Sarycheva, Moscow —  an independent curator and author of educational programs, co-editor of an independent online art-magazine In 2014-2016 she headed the department of inclusive programs at Garage, where she initiated the foundation of the first educational programs available to visitors with different forms of disability. Her residency took place at the Rupert art center in Vilnius, Lithuania.



Yana Gaponenko, Vladivostok — the founder of the Vladivostok school of contemporary art, an independent curator of exhibitions, the editor of the online magazine NEST. She runs researches within the field of issues of identity, political power of art, and collectivity. She spent her residency at the Witte de With center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.




Julia Grachikova, Moscow — a curator, producer, works in the department of film and media at the Pushkin Museum of Arts. She is the former head of the department of educational programs at the Museum of Moscow, author of articles and compiler of a number of publications such as "projections of the avant-garde" and the catalogue "The human is as a bird.” Her residency lasted for a month at Lenbachhaus in Munich, Germany.



Marina Pugina, Perm — a curator and art critic. She graduated from Perm state national research University with a degree in Arts and Humanities. She also studied at the Artpoltics school for contemporary art and the school of cultural journalism of the PRO ARTE Foundation. She took part in the public program Local Histories of Art at the Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. Her residency took place at Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm.



Free admission with advance registration.

The seminar will be held in English and Russian with simultaneous translation.