Artist talk: Helena Nikonole


From 24 June 2018




Garage LAB
Artist talk:  Helena NikonoleArtist talk:  Helena Nikonole


Focusing on artificial intelligence in relation to the practice of media artist Helena Nikonole, the lecture will provide an understanding of how artists appropriate technological algorithms introduced by scientists and question machine education which, having penetrated all life spheres, is beginning to impact the world around us.

Mass culture suggests scenarios where artificial intelligence appears as a threatening antagonist of humans and the rise of the machines is the most likely course of events following the technological singularity—a hypothetic moment when machine intelligence overcomes human abilities. Media artists however focus our attention on significantly more crucial issues brought about by machine education based on an artificial neuron (which we imply speaking about artificial intelligence today).

Within the IAM project Helena Nikonole is working with a neuronet and is training it to learn various sounds, which at the end of this process is supposed to produce essentially new signals. Nikonole will tell about her project in detail and also will talk about application and perspective of artificial intelligence in works of contemporary artists in general.



Helena Nikonole is a media artist whose field of interests embraces hybrid art, the new aesthetics, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. Participant of multiple exhibitions, including: Open Codes (ZKM, Germany); Politics and Poetics of Surtface (Veinti4/Siete Galería (Costa Rica); The Wrong biennial; Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art; Earth Lab (collaboration between Polytechnic Museum and Ars Electronica festival); Podgotovlennye Sredy festival, and others. Nikonole has taught and delivered seminars at many institutions, including the National Center for Contemporary Art, the RAS Institute of Philosophy, Office of educational programs in the field of arts and culture at the Department of Culture of Moscow, Rodchenko Art School, etc.


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