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26 March – 30 April 2016
Saturdays, 16:00–18:30


The Artification course in illustration offers an easy introduction to one of the most complex and exciting forms of the Moscow Conceptualist movement, developed by Ilya Kabakov and Viktor Pivovarov. Visitors will practice key drawing techniques and methods.

This course will be useful for anyone who wants to learn to think like an artist. Every participant will have the chance to make his or her own conceptual album where images and text work together, try making sketches and collages, and learn about some of the main techniques involved in illustration.

This form was suggested by the way we lived: the artist’s studio was not only a working space—it was the place where the work was shown, where people came to see an event, a performance. An album could perfectly match their expectations, as it contained certain elements of a theater performance, of a film and a book, while remaining a work of visual art.

Viktor Pivovarov. Agent in Love, 2016


Karina Barabanova is a Moscow-based artist and illustrator who has collaborated with some of the best-known glossy magazines. She combines her work in publishing with her own art projects, exhibitions, and teaching. Since fall 2015, she has been teaching the course The Rules of a Sketch at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.


Saturday, March 26 

16:00–18:30  Garage Glass Room

The Basics of Conceptual Art

Saturday, April 9

16:00–18:30  Garage Glass Room

Conceptual Still-Life

Saturday, April 16

16:00–18:30  Garage Glass Room

Metaphysical Interiors

Saturday, April 26

16:00–18:30  Garage Glass Room

Conceptual Portrait

Saturday, April 30

16:00–18:30  Garage Glass Room

Conceptual Improvisation


To register for a class, please send an email with your name, age, phone number, and email address to with the subject: Artification.

Admission is free, space is limited.

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