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Art's Becoming Public: Exhibition Histories and the Archive. A lecture by David Morris

The 5th Garage International Conference. The Archive: Savior, Inventor, Witness
14 October 2017


David Smith will talk about the starting point of Exhibition Histories (a research and publishing project begun by Afterall magazine in 2010) which shifts focus away from moments of artistic “creation” and towards the point at which art becomes public—to address the multiplicity and sociality of how “art” is produced.

The archive is part of this process, from formal collections in universities and biennale basements to piles of papers and boxes in artists' and family homes, in São Paulo, London, Moscow or Chiang Mai. This presentation will explore the archive in relation to these projects, as a threshold between different publics and as a way to intervene in current and future practice. 


David Morris is a writer and researcher based in London, and an editor of Afterall journal and the Exhibition Histories programme of research, events and publications. His work explores different approaches to artistic research, education and exhibitions, with a particular focus on experimental, collective and interdisciplinary practices. He is co-editor, with Sylvère Lotringer, of Schizo-Culture: The Event, The Book (Semiotext(e)/The MIT Press, 2014). Other recent publications include Wendelien van Oldenborgh: Amateur (co-edited with Emily Pethick and Wendelien Van Oldenborgh, Sternberg Press/TheShowroom/If I Can't Dance, 2016) and Anti-Shows: APTART 1982–84 (co-edited with Margarita Tupitsyn and Victor Tupitsyn, Afterall Books, 2017).


Free admission with advance registration.

The talk is part of the fourth session of the conference.


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