Art Out Loud: Poetry Readings


From 11 June 2016


Doors open at 18:30 for a 19:00 start


Garage Atrium
Art Out Loud: Poetry ReadingsArt Out Loud: Poetry Readings


In Garage Atrium, actors will read the poetry of many generations: the Romantics of the 1960s and the Conceptualists of the 1970s, the “new wavers” of the 1980s, the Moscow radical actionists of the 1990s, and so on.

Garage Archive Collection is dedicated to the compilation and preservation of documents recording the history of contemporary art, and it also contains Russian literary classics: manuscripts from well-known Moscow poets, typewritten texts with authors’ alterations, and collections of samizdat (self-published) poems illustrated by authors’ friends and fellow artists. Throughout the celebration of the Museum’s first anniversary in a new building, these treasures of avant-garde poetry will get their chance to speak.

Director: Ilya Shagalov

Composer: Dmitry Garin

Actors: Philipp Avdeev, Nina Guseva, Uliana Lukina, Anatassia Pronina, Maria Selezneva, Roman Shmakov

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Free admission