Art in Communications. A Lecture by Robin Kemme

15 October 2016
Saturday, 15:00–16:30


Today most museum visits begin online, with visitors looking for information on the museum website or using a mobile app. Media have become an integral part of the museum and a tool for its interaction with the public.

Fabrique design agency bases its museum projects on the concept of “up close.” Practical information and vast museum collections are made available to the public and presented “up close” via mobile apps. The company’s slogan for museum projects is “we know museums and we love them.”

The agency has proved that digital media can make art more accessible and interesting for the general public and attract new visitors to museums. Media consumers turn into real visitors and apps used in the exhibition space can replace labels and allow for a deeper understanding of artworks. The app Fabrique designed for Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum has dramatically increased both visitor numbers and and public interest in the collection. Their Meet Vincent program for the Van Gogh Museum offers an easy introduction to the museum’s collection, but also allows the user to learn more about the artist himself.

Organized by PROJECT International

In partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Forbo



Robin Kemme is Creative Director at Fabrique, a strategic design agency working with leading Dutch and international museums, including Kunsthal Rotterdam, the National Military Museum, Soest, Netherlands, and the Design Museum, London. Fabrique has produced navigation, interactive exhibition design, and corporate identity for museums—including the Rijksmuseum’s Rijksstudio app—and has over forty such projects in its portfolio. 


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