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Arquivo Histórico Wanda Svevo: An Archive that was Once Dead. A lecturer by Ana Luiza Mattos

The 5th Garage International Conference. The Archive: Savior, Inventor, Witness
13 October 2017


Ana Luiza Mattos will talk about Arquivo Histórico Wanda Svevo of the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo which holds documentation produced by the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, and by Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho (Ciccillo), their founder, covering a period from 1948 to the present.

A pioneering initiative by historian and Biennale secretary Wanda Svevo, the archive reveals the models and ruptures imposed by discontinued policies in these institutions and in the country itself. More than a memorial, the archive has acted as a protagonist of its own history, being an object of exhibitions and projects by artists and curators in recent decades. These include: the project museumuseu, at the 27th Bienal, by artist Mabe Bethônico, that brought to light an unknown archive; and artist Erick Beltrán’s project at the 31st Bienal, which proposed an sorting system based on the concept of doubles for a library composed of book copies from the archive placed in direct contact with the public.



Ana Luiza Mattos is a librarian based in Sao Paolo. As director of the Butantan Institute library and member of the institute’s Culture Council, Mattos has worked in the fields of cultural, educational, and dissemination action planning. She is currently coordinator of the Arquivo Histórico Wanda Svevo (Bienal Archive), where she is responsible for the development of projects for the treatment and dissemination of the collections (which collections, where?. Since 2013, Mattos has been working to broaden the use of the archive and the study of the history of the Bienal de São Paulo.


Free admission with advance registration.

The talk is part of the second session of the conference.


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