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Architecture Walking Tours by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and UNIQLO

9–10 October 2017
09:00–11:00, 15:00–17:00


Architecture walking tours in Gorky Park are part of the long-term partnership between Garage and UNIQLO. The tours will be run by a professional guide and two fitness coaches.

Tour participants will explore the secrets of Gorky Park’s pavilions, some of which date back to the 1920s and 1930s. These include the Mechanization Pavilion—the only surviving building from the 1923 National Exhibition of Agriculture and Crafts, designed by Ivan Zholtovsky—and the first Russian cinema for sound films, currently occupied by Garage office and Gorky Park administration.

As well as learning about the history of the park, each participant can test for free a piece of UNIQLO HEATTECH clothing, which they will be given before the tour starts.

Garage and UNIQLO launched their strategic partnership in spring 2017. It is based on a shared mission to improve the life of Muscovites by providing easy, affordable and accessible art and fashion for all. The cornerstone project is UNIQLO Free Friday Nights, which provides free admission to Garage for all visitors every Friday evening. The partnership also includes a series of workshops and lectures in a special Garage zone at UNIQLO Atrium.


Ksenia Sedyakina began working as a Garage guide in 2017. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Intercultural Communication and is able to talk about complex ideas in an accessible way. Ksenia welcomes discussion and the exchange of ideas during her tours. Architecture is one of her key interests and she looks at it in terms of the development of both society and art.

Go Bro is a project run by two brothers, Daniil Radlov and Fedor Gamaleya, which aims to unite those with the desire to lead an active lifestyle. Soon after it was set up in 2014, Go Bro began to gain popularity among runners, thanks to Daniil and Fedor’s simple, understandable



Monday, October 9

09:00–11:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Morning session

15:00–17:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Evening session

Tuesday, October 10

09:00–11:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Morning session

15:00–17:00  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Evening session


Free admission with advance registration


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