Architecture: the art of seeing (18+ Series)


From 17 February 2016 to 20 April 2016


Wednesdays 19:30–21:00


Garage Kids' Studio
Architecture: the art of seeing (18+ Series)Architecture: the art of seeing (18+ Series)


We are used to living in cities, but we often fail to see the cities we live in. The “Art of Seeing” course will enable participants to take a new look at their urban environment.

The course’s syllabus includes a study of Vitruvius’ three classical principles of architecture (utility, durability, and beauty) and their altered meaning in the contemporary world; major architectural styles; modern-day architecture and urban planning; and many other subjects. The wealth of theoretical materials is complemented by creative assignments.


Anastasia Golovina is an architect, teacher, and artist. Golovina graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture in 2002 and has worked as Architect at Central Research and Restoration Project Workshop. In 2008–2009 Golovina was a faculty member at Moscow Institute of Architecture’s School of Architectural Development. Golovina’s artworks and architectural projects are available at

Vladimir Yuzbashev is an architect and a teacher. Yuzbashev graduated from Moscow Architectural Academy in 2004 in a Master degree, has worked as  lecturer at the Department of Soviet and Contemporary World Architecture at Moscow Architectural Academy, in the British Higher School of Art and Design and  Moscow's school of architecture MARCH. In 2004 was a co-founder and principal architect of the AK Reflection architectural workshop. Since 2009 - a co-founder the principal architect of the Vladimir Yuzbashev’s architectural workshop (



10 classes
Class Format: 50 min theory + 40 min practice
Class Size: 25
Price per Block: 13,000 rubles.

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