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Architecture and contemporary education: Vitruvius

15 October 2015


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invites you to participate in expert’s discussion titled “Architecture and contemporary education: Vitruvius”. Leading experts in the field of architecture and architectural education will discuss current educational projects and the demand for alternative textbooks.

The event dedicated to the output of the “Vitruvius: Introduction to the architecture” project. This project is an alternative to encyclopedia or architectural digest. It is an experimental tutorial consists of six illustrated books. The author of the project is Leo Razjivin – Banksy of the literature world. He believes that every generation needs its own approach to education that meets the spirit of the time. “Vitruvius: Introduction to the architecture” offers the modern reader to reconsider the antic ideas of Vitruvius on architecture and transfer them in the current time. The goals of the discussion are to understand how architectural education will change in the nearest future, estimate the influence of contemporary pace of life on educational process and find out who creates the cities of the future and why it is important to think about it today.


Vadim Kondrashev — architect, Archido bureau founder

Oksana Vinichenko — content-editor and “Vitruvius: Introduction to the Architecture” book curator, Archido bureau

Inna German — Theory and Practice editor-in-chief

Vladimir Chichirin — marketing director, Ripol Classic Publishing House

Erwin Gugerell — head of the Russian representative office of Vitra International AG

Sona Stepanyan — manager of the international conference «A Long Happy Life. Building and thinking the soviet city: 1956 to now»

Sokolova Marina — member of society of designers international assosiation, professor of Moscow Architectural Institute, Architecture Ph.D


Anna Stavrova — Concorde Gallery co-owner, Sreda Identity founder.


Admission is free, registration is required.


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