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Architecture. Accessibly

13 October – 17 November 2019
Sundays, 11:00–13:00


Architecture. Accessibly is a special course designed for deaf-blind and vision-impaired visitors.

Architecture is a human’s constant companion. It shapes our attitude towards the city and influences our mood. We often take for granted the buildings that surround us. However, for the vision-impaired, and even more so for the deaf-blind person, architecture becomes inaccessible, eliminating the image of the city from his or her outlook.

During the five classes of the Architecture. Accessibly course, participants will get acquainted with the basics of architectural principles, as well as learn about the specific features of architectural genres from different eras. Experiencing architecture through the use of tactile models will allow participants to better understand building descriptions in future, when provided by audio describers.

Each class includes a practical part, which will help participants absorb what they have learned and give them a chance to feel the logic of the architectural process.

The audio description was produced by Vera Fevralskikh, a leading expert in audio description.  


Anastasia Golovina is an architect, restorer, teacher, artist, and specialist in pre-university architectural studies. Golovina graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture in 2002 and has worked as an architect at the Central Research and Restoration Project Workshop. She took an active part in the restoration of Kuzminki Manor in Moscow. In 2008–2009 Golovina was a faculty member at the Moscow Institute of Architecture’s School of Architectural Development. Golovina is a regular course instructor of the Architecture: The Art of Seeing courses for adults and families in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.


Duration: 120 min

Free for disabled visitors (with proof of disability) and one accompanying person.

Advance registration is required, please call +7 (985) 252 47 24 or e-mail

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