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1 June 2017


Anna Bronovitskaya’s final lecture introduces Alvar Aalto—Finland’s major architect and designer, creating over 300 buildings in his home country, as well as in France, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

Alvar Aalto’s style is often distinguished as “humane modernism”, while the architect used to call himself “a conductor of an orchestra”, involving relief, natural light and plants, along with diverse materials, colors and textures, in his projects. Furniture pieces, lighting and vases designed by Aalto for the interiors of his buildings are still manufactured in serial production.

Aalto was an important figure for the Soviet architects of the 1960–1980s, not least because one of his most notable prewar projects—the Vyborg Library—became located in the territory of the Soviet Union after World War II.



Anna Bronovitskaya is an architectural historian, director of research at Moscow’s Institute of Modernism. She teaches at the Moscow School of Architecture (MARCH) and has dozens of publications on twentieth century architecture to her name. In 2016, Garage published the guidebook Moscow: Soviet Modernist Architecture. 1955–1991 which Bronovitskaya co-authored with Nikolay Malinin.




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