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An open discussion “Why are there no local communities in Russian cities?”

18 December 2014


An open discussion  “Why are there no local communities in Russian cities?”

An open discussion cycle “Why is it like this?” organized by UrbanUrban and Heinrich Böll Stiftung
18 December, 7.30 pm
Garage Education Center
Entrance is free by pre-registration. Space is limited.  Please arrive early

This discussion attempts to explain the specific structure of Russian cities, the appearance and functioning of which raise many questions. Invited experts from various fields of expertise will take questions from organizers and guests in an attempt to clarify, in a simple and comprehensible manner, the way in which our cities function and malfunction.

 This discussion is devoted to the topic of the social void that we all experience in the districts in which we live. What has happened to neighborliness and conviviality? Why do we no longer have any idea who lives next door to us? What are we losing because of this under-usage of social capital and is there anything we can do about the hollowness of our green courts? How can local communities influence and profit from the way in which cities and neighborhoods function? How can local communities get respect from municipal authorities?

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