A Lecture by Vitaly Patsukov: Abstract Expressionism and the Acoustic Strategies of the Radical Jazz Culture

Music festival: Sound. Light. Shape.
20 September 2016


John Coltrane's artistic vocabulary and performative manner is inseparable from the central cultural vectors of the 1950s to the 1970s. A spirit of free expression, ingenuity of acoustic gesture, and a feeling of instantaneousness and suddenness permeate Coltrane's jazz 'expressions' localizing him within the general paradigm of post-war art. His long improvisational phrases (“sheets of sound”) rhyme with Rothko’s “color fields”, which naturally migrate to other tones or ‘keys’, and create a sense of personal presence within a piece, as in Jackson Pollock’s paintings. The inner dialogues of Coltrane's unencumbered and flowing jazz and abstract expressionism shaped the phenomenon of “New Sincerity” that reflected an entire body of freely expressed artistic ideas, as well as the search for a non-linear cultural equilibrium during the last decades of modernism.


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