A talk by Tom Emerson and Anastasia Mityushina. “Monika Sosnowska. An Attempt of Interpretation”


From 01 February 2020




Garage Auditorium
A talk by Tom Emerson and Anastasia Mityushina. “Monika Sosnowska. An Attempt of Interpretation”A talk by Tom Emerson and Anastasia Mityushina. “Monika Sosnowska. An Attempt of Interpretation”


Dating back to the 2000s, when Monika Sosnowska returned to Warsaw from Amsterdam, the artist’s interest in constructivist and modernist architecture began with walks across the city and soon grew into a key study subject in her practice.

Just like modernist architecture itself, the works of Monika Sosnowska can be defined as the “direct speech” of structure and material. Her independent sculptural installations and objects installed across the globe (from Poland to Bangladesh) bear an ability to gradually group together, forming local histories about the persistence of the supranational language of modernism. However, in Sosnowska’s practice, materiality escalates and turns into an excuse to discover a human perspective within the discourse built around major architectural narratives, such as the social and political ones. This is why, in order to examine the artist’s creative method, it is important to constantly address “minor” issues, such as the physicality of an architectural detail, as much as much larger forms, even extending to the landscape surrounding a particular installation.

In conversation at Garage, the renowned architect, author of several public art spaces in London, ETH Zurich professor Tom Emerson and curator of the project Anastasia Mityushina will discuss Monika Sosnowska’s installation Exercises in Construction. Bending, which is the latest Garage Atrium Commission, as well as the artist’s unique language, public and private environments, and the essence of modernism.

Tom Emerson’s second talk in Moscow focusing entirely on his method will be held within the public program organized by the school MARCH at 19:30 on February 3.



Tom Emerson co-founded 6a architects in London with Stephanie Macdonald in 2001. Building mainly with and for the arts and education, the practice recently completed the new MK Gallery in Milton Keynes, the South London Fire Station, a photography studio complex for Juergen Teller, and Cowan Court at Churchill College Cambridge. It has received several RIBA Awards, the Schelling Medal for Architecture in 2012 and was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2017. A monograph on the practice was published by El Croquis in 2018. Emerson has taught at the Architectural Association (2000–2004), Cambridge University (2004–2010) and, since 2010 has been professor of architecture at the ETH Zurich where he has completed a number of experimental timber structures including the Pavilion of Reflection for Manifesta11 floating on Lake Zurich in 2016 and an on-going collective garden designed and maintained by students.


Anastasia Mityushina (b. 1982) is Garage Public Program curator. A graduate of the Art History and Theory faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University (2004), she has worked as a consultant for two private contemporary art collectors, coordinated the PR campaign at the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art (2010), and was assistant curator at the MoskvApolis exhibition at the Perm Museum of Fine Art (2007). From 2005 to 2007, Mityushina worked as a freelance project manager at various Russian museum institutions, including her participation in the preparation of Pavel Filonov’s survey at the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) and Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow). Selected curatorial projects: do it Moscow (with Snejana Krasteva; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2014); Art Experiment. In the Studio (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015); Co-thinkers (with Maria Sarycheva; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2016; Yeltsin Center, Ekaterinburg, 2017; Arsenal Nizhny Novgorod, 2019–2020); If our soup can could speak. Mikhail Lifshitz and the Soviet Sixties (with Dmitry Gutov and David Riff; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2018); Infinite Ear (with Iaroslav Volovod and Council Group; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2018). Her articles have been published by the magazines Artkhronika, Moscow Art Magazine, and the online resource Artguide.


Free admission with advance registration.

The event is in English with simultaneous translation to Russian.

The event will be translated to Russian Sign Language.