A Lecture by Vitaly Patsukov: John Cage and John Coltrane. Free Improvisation

Music festival: Sound. Light. Shape.
21 September 2016


The lecture will include video works, united by the phenomenon of creative harmony between John Cage and John Coltrane.

John Coltrane and John Cage never met, but their paths in art were intertwined by a unique mission—to locate the pivot where man experiences a state of harmonic "weightlessness" and a sense of meaning. Combining two natures—that of a composer and of a musician, John Coltrane and John Cage both discovered a special form of "sound optics" for our reality, listening to such soundings and becoming their mediator. They brought back into a contemporary culture the technology of "reverse perspective", the authenticity of the archaic state, when the artist embraces an acoustic world and then returns it, pure, into the noises of our civilization.


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