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A lecture by Natalia Pshenichnikova “The Body of Voice” as part of Territory Festival’s public program

18 October 2019


The lecture is addressed to vocalists, composers, dancers, directors, and psychologists, as well as everyone interested in any aspects of contemporary music and its performance.

Delivered by the musician and singer Natalia Pshenichnikova, the lecture will focus on physicality in vocal music and selected twentieth- and twenty-first-century music pieces for voice. The speaker will use examples from her own practice as a composer and performer. Themes covered by the talk include the bodily aspects of voice, the role of extended vocal techniques, psychophysiology and neuroacoustics, and movement as a part of vocal scores. Natalia will also analyze Marcel Duchamp’s Musical Sculptures, John Cage’s Song Books, works by Dieter Schnebel, Christian Kesten, Sergei Nevsky, Helmut Oehring, Dmitry Kurlyandsky, and some other authors.

Curator of the project: Dina Goder

The public program accompanying Territory Festival has been developed in collaboration with the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.


Natalia Pshenichnikova is a musician, vocalist, creator and artistic director at the “La Gol” Theater of Voice.


Free admission with advance registration.


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