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“Interactive Storytelling: How to Narrate a Story Together with the Viewer”. A lecture by Anton Utkin.

Public Program for the exhibition Sekretiki: Digging Up Soviet Underground Culture, 1966–1985
13 March 2020


In his talk, Anton Utkin will introduce the currently available tools for interactive storytelling and explain how they help to engage the spectator in the development of a story. 

Storytelling literally means telling stories: it is a fiction or documentary narration told using primarily audiovisual mediums. Anton Utkin’s lecture will focus on quasi-documentary projects and will reveal how to work with sources and documents and how to compile them into interactive narratives that will engage the audience in the process of “living through” them.

The lecture will be followed by a discussion featuring members of the production team of the show Sekretiki, including the project’s co-curator Valentin Diaconov and guest researcher Olga Shirokostup, as well as Garage Digital curator Nikita Nechaev. The conversation will touch upon the formats of working with archival materials and real stories, and tolerations acceptable in the production of a narrative based on documentary material. Among other issues, the speakers will discuss why it is important for contemporary art to borrow ideas and tools from other fields of professional expertise, and why such new approaches can be demanded by artists and researchers as much as by scriptwriters, journalists, and creators of various media.



Антон Уткин (род. 1980, Ленинград) — сценарист и режиссер студии Lateral Summer (Москва), которая занимается интерактивным кино и VR. Автор интерактивных сериалов «Черти» (2017) и «Все сложно» (2018), фантастического VR-триллера Lightspeed VR (2018) и учебника по интерактивному сторителлингу «Белое зеркало» (2020). Преподает интерактивный сторителлинг и кинопроизводство на факультете коммуникаций, медиа и дизайна Высшей школы экономики, в Школе перспективных исследований Тюменского государственного университета и в академии Wordshop (Москва). Живет и работает в Москве.


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