A concert by Techno-Poetry Cooperative based on their No Avoiding the Apocalypse! video vaudeville.

Techno-Poetry Cooperative’s artistic activity, conducted by its members in parallel with activist work, lies in the field of utopian imagination and self-irony while at the same time deriving from specific problems. Each part of the concert at Garage is based on the Cooperative’s musical compositions, including from the video vaudeville No Avoiding the Apocalypse!, which is on view at the show Assuming Distance: Speculation, Fakes, and Predictions in the Age of the Coronacene. All of these tracks reference directly or indirectly certain problems of our time, such as self-isolation, increasing precariousness, the economy of expended effort, political apathy, and the slipping of the future. Techno-Poetry members offer paradoxical and speculative responses to the current situation, articulated through the liberating practices of voice, dance, and writing.

The concert will meet the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 reality, offering alternative forms of bodily co-presence and sharing of affective and sensory experience in compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic mode. The audience will also be able to engage in a number of practices aimed at relaxation and training of collective actions and hear the premieres of several songs from the Cooperative’s upcoming album entitled TRUDNO (“Difficult”).

The Cooperative’s songs are available on all streaming services and video clips on YouTube.


Free with advance registration.