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17–20 November 2015


The Polytech.Science.Art program of the Polytechnic Museum in partnership with Garage Museum of Contemporary Art present Human as an Antenna, a workshop by artist Pascale Pollier-Green.

The workshop will look into the intersection of contemporary biology, anatomy, art and technology. In four days participants of the seminar will discuss the scientific and historical context of Pascale Pollier-Green's works. Her science-art projects are informed by a meticulous study of various tangible and intangible properties of the human body. She is particularly interested in philosophy, new technology, quantum physics, nanotechnology and animatronics.

The program of the workshop includes screenings of Fabrica Vitae and The Seat of Intuition, discussions on the nature of human consciousness and the abilities of the body, lectures on Otto Schumann and Nikola Tesla, a demonstration of alternative ways of making a Schumann resonator, and work on the participants' own art projects.



The four-day workshop will take place on November 17-20, 2015. Participants are expected to be interested in science-art and technology in art and ready to work on interdisciplinary projects.

Applicants need to register and send in a motivation letter in English by November 12. The list of successful applicants, for whom the workshop will be free, will be published on November 13. Places are limited (10 people maximum).

Please follow the link to find the application form and the motivation letter form.


  • fluent English
  • availability on all four days of the workshop
  • a laptop


Belgium-born Pascale Pollier-Green studied fine art at the Saint Luke Art School in Ghent, and later continued her education at the Medical Artists' Association in London. Until 2015 she was a cofounder and president of BIOMAB (Biological and Medical Art in Belgium). Since 2010, together with BIOMAB, she has organized and curated numerous exhibitions, science-art projects, anatomical drawing classes, symposia and conferences. She is currently based in London and works as an artist.

Pascale Pollier-Green: 'In my work I aim to bring together theories coming from experimental and quantum physics and philosophy. Further exploring human anatomy, I aim to show and explain how the human body is an incredibly complex vibration of consciousness, and how death is the absence of vibrations.'


Natalia Fuchs is an art historian (MediaArtHistories, Donau Universität) specializing in culture management (Cultural Management, University of Manchester). She is the curator of the Politech.Science.Art program at the Polytechnic Museum. 


November 17-20, 2015

12:00-19:00  Garage Education Center

Pascale Pollier-Green's workshop

Preliminary registration and contest participation is required for the workshop participation.


November 20, 2015

20:00  Garage Education Center

Human as an Antenna: Transmitter, Receiver, Resonator

Public lecture by Pascale Pollier-Green's and presentation of workshop results

Admission is free, but advance registration required.



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