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13 June – 23 August 2015


Every weekend, Garage Mediators will be available to help you learn more about the history of Garage, and of Vremena Goda, the modernist building which is its new home.

Working every weekend from June 13 through August 23, the mediators will share their knowledge of the history of Garage and the Soviet Modernist building it newly inhabits, providing insight, conversation, and the answers to questions that otherwise get overlooked during a regular museum visit. Ask them a question!

To establish this unique team, 35 people were selected from 300 applicants, ranging in age from 18 to 56. Each has a strong personal perspective on culture while bringing diverse life experiences to the project. Over three months the group has undergone intensive training, receiving classes on contemporary art and architecture, as well as a course in body language and presentation skills. In June, ten mediators will be selected from the trained group, who will be paid to interact with museum visitors, sharing their curiosity and perspectives to encourage deeper audience involvement in Garage programs, as well as the institution itself.

Garage Mediators Program is conceived by Garage Education curator Anastasia Mityushina and Natalia Gomberg, lead educator at the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow. The initial outcomes of this pilot initiative will be made available as a training manual on art mediation, which will be accessible on the Garage website from November 2015. 


Fridays, 18:0021:00
Saturdays-Sundays, 13:00

Starts every hour in the Entrance Hall, in front of the mosaic and on the central staircase
Duration: 45 minutes

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