Russian Performance: a cartography of its history

Russian Performance: a cartography of its historyRussian Performance: a cartography of its history


«Russian Performance: a cartography of its history» is an information resource in support of the exhibition of the same name (scheduled to open in October 2014) providing access to the research materials gathered over the last four years.

In 2010, Garage held an exhibition titled 100 Years of Performance, supported by a large-scale education program and an international performance festival. In 2011, the Museum was invited to participate in Performa, the 5th New York International Visual Art Performance Biennial, where it presented the exhibition 33 fragments of Russian Performance. Following this Garage Archive held a series of closed meetings with leading Russian experts to discuss issues connected with the problems facing the development of performance art in Russia throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

In December 2013 Garage then staged its first International Conference entitled Performance Art: Ethics in Action, and launched the first Russian translation of Roselee Goldberg’s book Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present. As part of the conference, Garage’s Research Department prepared a series of video interviews with Russian performance artists based on the Museum’s archive collection.

The abovementioned initiatives helped Garage prepare a unique collection of materials, including research papers, lectures, and interviews with researchers and artists involved in the study and practice of performance art in Russia. In turn, this platform is designed to share this knowledge with all those interested in this art form today.