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Film screening. Buenas noches, España. 2011. Spain/Philippines. Directed by Raya Martin.70 min.


Buenas noches, España is a road movie transforming into a psychedelic trip. A beautiful girl and a handsome boy travel around Spain as if discovering the worlds disappeared, as if travelling in time and space. The director experiments on the edge of cinema and video art, monochromatic picture and colour. The historical limits are not left behind: the modern Spain constitutes itself on the background of its colonial past.

Screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2012.

In the framework of the Deconstruction of Сinematic Realities Film Program.

GARAGE SCREEN is dedicated to exploring all forms of 20th and 21st century moving image work as a core component of contemporary culture. It explores and reflects key issues addressed by artists and filmmakers, tracks the evolution of the medium and considers its role at the crossroads of fine art, popular culture, cinema, media and documentary practices.
GARAGE SCREEN is developed by Garage Center for Contemporary Culture’s film program as part of its Educational Program. Screenings and related events tackle the theoretical and practical issues raised by cinema.

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