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What can psychoanalysis reveal about performance?

30 October 2014


Lecture by Gleb Napreenko

Gleb Napreenko
Thursday, October 30, 7.30 – 9.00 pm
Garage Education Center
Free admission

Performance not only requires the artist to submerge his or her body into the realm of representation, but also involves power in the broader sense of the word: the laws of decorum, of state, the laws of respective institutions. Thus, any performance transpires in the space of politics, since any space is inherently political in nature. Psychoanalysis similarly stands at the intersection of the corporeal and the linguistic, the subject and politics, sexuality, and regulations. How might the optics of psychoanalysis be used in order to view performances held in such varying political contexts as the Soviet Union, the capitalist West, or the capitalist Russia of today?

Gleb Napreenko is Garage’s Librarian, an art critic, and art historian. He writes for Moscow Art Magazine (Khudozhestvenny Journal), ArtChronika, and DI Magazine (Dialog Iskusstv) and edits the art sections of popular online publications openspace.ru and colta.ru.


1. Alexander Brener
First Glove
© Igor Stomakhin

2. Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid
Pravda Meatballs
Courtesy of the artists

3. Factory of Found Clothes
In Memory of Poor Lisa
Courtesy of the artists 

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