The Ways of Moscow Conceptualism (walking tour in Russian)


From 26 July 2014




The Ways of Moscow Conceptualism (walking tour in Russian)
July 26, 13:00
Meeting point: Belyaevo Gallery
Tour guide: Daria Ostratenko

Belyaevo is one of the bleakest yet most densely populated areas of Moscow's outskirts. Completely devoid of outward appeal, it lacks the architectural monuments, forests, or breathtaking views of its more compelling neighbors, yet has always attracted intellectuals, such as Moscow Conceptualists Dmitry Prigov and Ilya Kabakov, who called the district their home. Moreover, in 1974 Belyaevo was the site of the famous “Bulldozer Exhibition,” a public display of Soviet avant-gard art. The tours will take you around spots that served to inspire Prigov, who would often refer to himself as “The Duke of Belyaevo,” as well as sites considered the birthplace of Moscow Conceptualism.
Led by tour guides, teams will traverse a specified route, encountering various sticker-charades, excerpts from Prigov’s writings.

Free, advanced registration required

Daria Ostratenko has been a tour guide for Garage since 2013. A graduate of the Russian State Social University with a degree in cultural studies, she now focuses on contemporary art, more specifically its origins and preconditions: what defines contemporary art, what are artists creating today, and to what extent can art exist independently from humans?