4th Publishing School by Frankfurt Book Fair and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


From 1 June 2020 to 3 June 2020

4th Publishing School by Frankfurt Book Fair and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art4th Publishing School by Frankfurt Book Fair and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


Frankfurt Book Fair, represented by the German Book Information Center in Moscow, and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invite publishing professionals and everyone interested in innovation and experience of the international book industry to the 4th Publishing School. 

In 2020, for reasons well known to everyone, our Publishing School is taking place online which is unusual for us but we're still convinced that there’s nothing more valuable than the joy of human interaction and direct conversation between professionals, so we will try to do our best not to disappoint our audience.


Free admisson


Opening address from Juergen Boos, CEO of the Frankfurt Book Fair


Bauhaus Innovations: Urban Ecology, Interdisciplinary Learning, Social Empowerment

Starting at the origins of this pioneering architectural movement, Jana Revedin will focus on three key innovation areas in research, design, and education revolutionized by the Walter Gropius’ High School of Building and Design Engineering: urban ecology, interdisciplinary learning, and social empowerment.

After the talk, Jana will read from her biographical novel Everyone Here Calls Me Frau Bauhaus. The Life of Ise Frank which tells the undeservedly forgotten story of the second wife of Walter Gropius, the legendary founder of the Bauhaus. 


Jana Revedin, architect, professor of architecture and urbanism at the IUAV University of Venice and the École spéciale d’architecture in Paris, UNESCO Delegate to the University Education and Research Commission of the UIA, writer.


“Velimir Khlebnikov. Zangezi. Commemorating the 135th Anniversary of poet's birth.” Presentation of an art project of Boris Trofimov's workshop, Institute of Business and Design

Boris Trofimov's workshop marks the 135th anniversary of Khlebnikov's birth with a bilingual edition of the Zangezi supersaga. Russian and English texts are brought together under one cover, just as the stellar language brings together different worlds. Languages come closer and meet right in the center of the book where a huge typographical section is placed. This section, called “The Art of Word Architecture” and based on the Zangezi phonetical system, is an attempt of a visual interpretation of the supersaga using typography. The book was published by Boslen in 2020.


Boris Trofimov, graphic designer and head of the creative workshop at the Institute of Business and Design in Moscow, Russia