The Year of 1999


From 25 February 2014


The Year of 1999The Year of 1999


February 25, 7:30 pm
Sasha Obukhova: The Year of 1999

The last famine before the dawn of prosperity, 1999 was the year in which the unborn art market collapsed. This period was also marked by a split in the Moscow artistic tradition. The introduction of a new education program for artists (New Art Strategies by Soros Contemporary Art Center) and the establishment of Moscow Contemporary Art Institute led to an increased number of emerging artists, and broke the traditional continuity of the workshop scheme, where established artists only passed their knowledge to their apprentices. Alongside the continued museumification of Soviet Nonconformist Art, Conceptualists and actionists of the past became classics, and the Moscow artistic tradition became a historical notion. The new artists emerging during this period included Irina Korina, Victor Alimpiev, Mikhail Kosolapov, ABC Group, Elena Kovylina, Liza Morozova, and others.

Sasha Obukhova (born 1967) is an art historian and member of the Kandinsky Award expert board. She has worked at Moscow Contemporary Art Institute, Tretyakov Gallery, and State Center for Contemporary Art. Since 2012 she has been acting as the head of the Garage research department.

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