Garage Project Space: The Other Side


From 5 February 2014 to 28 February 2014


Garage Center for Contemporary Art


Garage is launching a new platform in Moscow entirely dedicated to presenting the work of local, regional and diasporic Russian artists. 

Garage is pleased to announce the launch of a new, experimental platform dedicated to presenting the work of local, regional and diasporic artists. Featuring seven exhibitions over the coming year from a diversity of practitioners, Garage Project Space opens in February 2014. 

Providing a place where a new generation of artists and curators can test out ideas and define the urgencies of our time, Garage Project Space is a new art hub for Moscow's creative life. Recognizing how few opportunities there are to present new curatorial ideas in Russia, at the end of January Garage will announce details of an Open Call for projects. 

Project #1
The Other Side
February 5-28, 2014

Dima Filippov, Ekaterina Golovatyuk, Konstantin Grouss, Alёna Ivanova-Johanson, Ivan Novikov, Alexander Petrelli, Yelena Popova, Juli Susin & Julia Rublow. 

Curated by Garage curator Snejana Krasteva.

Project manager: Alexandra Romantsova

The debut exhibition at Garage Project Space acknowledges how imperative the diverse, but low-profile alternative scene in Moscow is for practitioners to produce, discuss, and display their work.
Over the course of a month, the exhibition will literally "make space" for Garage audiences to gain insight into practices that are emerging from a number of informal venues in the city. At the same time, the artists will explore the myriad ways- from the narrowest to the broadest-through which "space" can be created, inhabited, preserved or manipulated.

As such, The Other Side is a glimpse into what shapes the interests and dialogues of an emerging generation of Russian artists living in Moscow and abroad, who thrive on independent initiatives.



Wednesday February 5
19:30 – 21:30 Window, performance by Elena Popova
Performance by artist and choreographer Konstantin Grouss in collaboration with musician Sergey Kasich and dancers Yelena and Olga Budaeva
Admission free


Monday February 10
19:30 – 21:00

Discussion «Moscows»

Moderated by Ekaterina Golovatyuk.
Participants: Architects, theorists and researchers of the alternative (unofficial) Moscows.
Spaces are limited
Admission free


Saturday February 15
15:00 – 17:00 Window
Performance by Yelena Popova
17:00 – 19:00
Performance by choreographer and dancer Konstantin Grouss in collaboration with musician Sergey Kasich and dancers Elena and Olga Budaeva


Saturday February 22

Informal tea with the Moscow-based participants of the show. Bring cookies!
Spaces are limited
Admission free


Friday February 28
19:00 - 21:00

Performance by Yelena Popova
Performance by choreographer and dancer Konstantin Grouss in collaboration with musician Sergey Kasich and dancers Elena and Olga Budaeva


Dima Filippov (b.1989, Gornyak, Altai; lives and works in Moscow) is one of the youngest participants in the exhibition. She is a recent graduate of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Moscow, one of the few alternative graduate schools in contemporary art, founded by Joseph Backstein. Filippov also coruns the experimental artists’ space Perimeter.

Ekaterina Golovatyuk (b.1977, Dubna; lives and works between Rotterdam and Moscow) works at OMA architectural studio, where she is focusing on architectural, urban and research projects in Russia and Asia. Currently she is also responsible for OMA’s forthcoming new Garage building, currently under construction in Gorky Park.

Konstanstin Grouss (b.1972, Moscow; lives and works in Moscow) is a choreographer, artist and curator of a series of contemporary art festivals such as Kod Epochi (Zeitgeist), Art-Ovrag, No Translations etc. Grouss is also the founder of Art-Residence in Moscow—an international platform for cultural exchange, including Random Gallery and Zero Dance Gallery, that supports and advocates a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach. Sergey Kasich is a musician and composer, founder of, a community for independent artists from post-USSR regions who work in fields of experimental sound, media and technology-based arts. The twin sisters Elena and Olga Budaeva both have a background in art and choreography and currently work as independent dancers.

Alёna Ivanova-Johanson (b.1976, Eliste, Republic of Kalmykia; lives and works in Moscow) is an emerging contemporary artist with a background in biology. She works primarily with painting, and her recent body of works was shown at Random Gallery—a small alternative space occupying the former apartment of the infamous A. Vasilyev Theatre. Ivan Novikov (b.1990, Moscow; lives and works in Moscow) is a recent graduate of the Institute BAZA, an alternative educational initiative founded by artist Anatoly Osmolovski.

Alexander Petrelli (b.1968, Odessa; lives and works in Moscow) is an artist largely known as the owner of Overcoat Gallery—a witty performance and exhibition space within the “walls” of his own coat, which Petrelli started in 1996 in Moscow with the artist collective Perez and still continues today.

Yelena Popova (b.1978, Ozyorsk, Urals) is based in Nottingham, UK. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, London (2011) and was recently shortlisted for the Art Foundation Painting Prize (2014). Popova’s works are part of RCA Collection, Saatchi Collection, Zabludowicz Collection and the Nottingham Castle Permanent Collection. 

Juli Susin (b. 1966, Moscow) is an artist working between Paris and Albisola in Italy. He is founder of Royal Book Lodge, a collaborative platform and collection promoting artists’ projects and books. The shown film was created with Julia Rublow (b. 1986, Kiev, Ukraine). She is a Vienna-based artist and co-founder of the Furor Edition.