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Chicken Kiev: A Walk from the Garage Pavilion to the Kiev Railway Station

15 June 2013


Chicken Kiev: A Walk from the Garage Pavilion to the Kiev Railway Station
Valery Serikov and Zhanna Sevostyanova

The culinary metaphor used in the title of this tour has great meaning. This is a walk through time, built upon unexpected combinations of diverse architectural and historical layers. What is in a Chicken Kiev? In our architectural recipe there is juicy filling of avant-garde architectural monuments - the Kauchuk Factory Club by Konstantin Melnikov - wrapped in a layer of important period buildings – the Crimean Bridge, by Alexander Vlasov – with a crispy shell of  historical temporary park architecture – such as the  former Engineering Pavilion of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV), by Ivan Zholtovksy – flavored with the savory spices of the associated buildings and landscapes along the route. Of course, all of this is held together by the one thing indispensable to the meal as a whole – steelwork created by the engineering genius Vladimir Shukhov. 

The tour will last approximately 3 hours.

Meeting point: Garage Pavilion, 9 Krymsky Val.

Availability is limited. Please register in advance by calling +7 (495) 6450520.

Valery Serikov has been a guide at Garage since in 2009. Valery enjoys Soviet-era architecture and is a graduate of the Faculty of History, Elets State University.

Zhanna Sevostyanova has worked as a guide at Garage since 2009. She graduated from the Institute of Arts and Industry with a degree in Graphic Design. From an early age, Zhanna had a fondness for urban architecture, with a particular interest in buildings constructed in the 1920s and 1930s.


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