Lecture Cycle: Musical Hermeneutics: Do We Know How to Listen to Music?


From 21 March 2013 to 21 May 2013


Garage Education Center


How different may performances of one and the same classical piece be, and why? Do we know how to distinguish the intent of a composer from the individual interpretation of a performer? Does our enjoyment of music depend on the circumstances when hearing it and technical characteristics of various media and musical equipment? What is the difference between a live concert and a studio recording?

Hermeneutics as an art of interpretation has traditionally been applied to literary texts. Alexei Trifonov will explain in his course that it is equally important to be able to understand and interpret works of classical music.

The course includes theoretical and practical classes which will allow the students not only to gain the knowledge necessary for understanding and feeling music, but also to try to apply this knowledge in practice on their own (to compare different interpretations of the same musical piece).



Alexei Trifonov (b. 1976) is a historian, producer and journalist. Since 2006 he has taught at the Russian State Humanities University (as well as lectured at the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University and in the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music). He has produced the concerts of Theodore Currentzis and those of numerous Russian musicians, he publishes books and CDs and writes for such editions as Kommersant, Russian Journal, DesIllusionist.


March 21, Thursday

March 26, Tuesday


Entrance is free, space is limited, please arrive early