Book presentation. Leonid Pavlov


From 21 October 2015




Garage Auditorium


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with the Institute of Modernism and Meganom office for architecture, presents a publication dedicated to the renowned Soviet architect Leonid Pavlov.

A student and friend of Alexander Vesnin and Ivan Leonidov, Pavlov started as a Constructivist and then produced historicist designs during the Stalin era, before returning to avant-garde forms in the mid-1950s and becoming one of the leading architects of Soviet Modernism. His last project—the Lenin Gorki Memorial—marked the transition to Postmodernist aesthetics in the Soviet Union.

During the presentation, architects and theorists will discuss the textual heritage of Pavlov—a rare Soviet architect who was also a prolific writer—and its role in the history of Soviet and world Modernism. 

The book, released in both Russian and English language editions, describes Pavlov’s life and practice. It contains texts by Anna Bronovitskaya, Olga Kazakova, and Liya Pavlova, as well as Pavlov’s own selected writings, along with an illustrated catalogue of his complete works.


Eugene Asse, director of the MARCH School of Architecture, the head of the Asse Architects office for architecture 

Anna Bronovitskaya, editor and author of the book Leonid Pavlov, associate professor at MArchI, and director of research at the Institute of Modernism, Moscow

Yuri Grigoryan, originator of the project and head of Meganom office for architecture

Olga Kazakova, author of the book Leonid Pavlov, senior researcher at the Research Institute of Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning, and director of the Institute of Modernism, Moscow

Nicolay Lyzlov, head of the Lyzlov Architectural Studio

Nicolay Pavlov, professor at MArchI and board member of the Union of Moscow Architects

Liya Pavlova, architect’s widow and professor at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Sergei Sitar, architect, editor, researcher, and leading tutor at MArchI

Yury Volchok, professor at MArchI and academician of the International Academy of Architecture

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