French Talks 2012: Urban Dialogues. Lecture 2 The transient city


From 10 November 2012


British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow), 5.11, 10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., building 3
French Talks 2012: Urban Dialogues. Lecture 2 The transient cityFrench Talks 2012: Urban Dialogues. Lecture 2 The transient city


French Talks 2012: Urban Dialogues

Lecture 2

10 November 19:00

Dominique Jakob, Jakob + MacFarlane

The transient city

The work of Jakob and MacFarlane may seem utopian at first glance. Their projects challenge gravity, defy tectonics and refute stereotypical ideas about the possibilities of materials and design. However, their structures exist and survive, overcoming the forces of nature through intelligent design and the use of advanced materials and the latest developments in construction. The radical forms of Jakob and MacFarlane’s constructions often appear in contrast to the urban environment. Their unusual methods may be controversial, but because of them – or in spite of them – new life is injected into an often repetitive cityscape. The architects will reveal how their projects enhance urban environments, while avoiding conflict with the city itself.

Admission to all lectures is free.

Venue: British Higher School of Art and Design, ARTPLAY Design Center, 10, Bld. 3, N. Syromyatnicheskaya Street, 5th Floor (Room 5.11)


French Talks is an annual series of public lectures given by representatives from leading institutions in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture in France. Organized by Garage, with the kind support of the Embassy of France in Russia and of the French Institute in Russia, French Talks aims to introduce Russian audiences to the achievements and the on-going development of cultural life, art and design in France.

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