Touch the Music


From 28 June 2012 to 24 July 2012


Gorky Park, Luna Park
Touch the MusicTouch the Music


28 June - 24 July 2012, Moscow, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture opens a new venue with the Touch the Music exhibition. It will present 30 major installations from the famous Mobiles Musik Museum (Dusseldorf) collection.

The exhibition will attract the interest of both kids and adults: they will be invited to play the unusual oversized instruments and feel themselves to be musicians, conductors and composers. Unlike usual museum, here visitors are allows to touch everything: various drums, gigantic metallophone made of automobile parts, jerry cans, bells, doorbells, saucepan covers and many other unexpected things. The founder of the Mobiles Musik Museum, Michael Bradke, will perform and host workshops for kids and adults. Musical instruments will offer visitors a basic insight into the physics of sound. They will learn how length, tension and various materials can change the tone pitch or result in sound variations. Kids will not only explore new and unusual objects and features, but will also develop an aspiration to create through interacting with musical objects.

Special performances for kids and experimental concerts in the frameworks of the exhibition will help participants feel the connection between hearing and seeing, movement and rhythm, thought and feeling.

Touch the Music is a gigantic open air mobile orchestra, and evokes enthusiasm everywhere it goes: Rome, Naples, Amman, San Francisco and Berlin.

To get to the Touch The Music exhibition, choose the closest to Leninsky prospekt entrance to the park, or turn left from the main entrance.

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