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The avant-garde and its reflections in auteur cinema






14 lectures

90 min

The Avant-garde and Its Reflections in Auteur Cinema is a course designed by Yevgeny Maisel, editor of Iskusstvo Kino (The Art of Cinema) magazine, and film critic and cultural expert Inna Kushnareva that helps participants to understand avant-garde strategies in cinema and how these strategies reveal themselves outside the framework of the avant-garde proper.

Minimalism and the aesthetics of presence, “body politics” and psychodrama, science fiction and eccentricity— tracking down these directions will allow the audience to grasp both the ambitions of the avant-garde and its gravitational influence on more traditional forms of auteur and other types of cinema.

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Number of classes and duration:

14 90-minute lectures

Classes are held in Garage Auditorium with a closed online broadcast in accordance with a Moscow time schedule.

All listeners will get access to the course platform featuring recordings of lectures and links to additional thematic materials for self-study until April 4.

Season ticket costs:

Resident course season ticket (in the Auditorium) — 14,000 rubles

Online subscription (broadcast via the closed channel) — 10,000 rubles

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