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8 sessions

60 min

Initiated by Neuro-Gym. Mozgoshkola, the course allows children and their parents to develop so-called soft skills via engaging in games and exercises. A variety of activities will activate and train different areas of the brain, improving the participants’ ability to switch between the tasks, communicate with others, and achieve harmony with themselves.

Each class is composed of three blocks that activate certain brain areas. Neuro-exercises introduced in the opening block will help the course members to develop an ability to jump into work, concentrate on tasks, and switch from one activity to another. The second is aimed at synchronizing the work of both hemispheres and master mindfulness. The third block offers activities that improve imagination, along with exercises on fine motor skills, interaction-based sport and board games, and drawing using both hands.

With this season’s course exploring the topic “Culture and Society: From Signs to Complex Social Models”, its participants will figure out things that make a person human—such as language, writing, art works, culture, ritual, or perhaps, holidays, while also discussing differences across cultures.

The course is organized by Neuro-Gym. Mozgoshkola

Number of tickets for 1 child and 1 adult: 6

Family ticket for 1 child and 1 adult (8 classes): 16 000 RUB

Single ticket price: 2000 RUB

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