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Photography: drawing with an objective lens






This course on photography teaches children methods of developing their ideas and expressing their own opinions to the world. For children ages 10–15.

How can you show on a photo the sound of a musical instrument or the march of time? What are rhythm, perspective, and the golden ratio? How do you create a Bokeh effect and work with techniques of freezing light? These questions and others asked by young photographers will be answered in this course. Different genres of photography will be studied (architectural, reportage, portrait) as well as technical aspects of working with a camera.


Irina Makesha is a photographer, artist, and participant in the creative union UnFas. She has shown her work in the solo exhibition “Images of Words,” and participated in numerous shows with Moscow Artists Union, including “Book of the Artist” and “30th Molodeznaya.” Her works have been included in the magazine Aesthete, and in books published by Lamartis. Besides working in the field of photography and art, she has significant experience in teaching kids of all ages.

Ekaterina Rousskikh is a photographer, artist. The author of several solo exhibition, among which — personal project about Russian ambassador's residence in Paris (2012), Atelier du Portrait project started with exhibition in Mandarin Combustible, Moscow (2013). The participant of do it Moscow at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2014). Also participated in numerous shows in Russia and Europe. Rousskikh's photo projects are available at

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