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9 sessions

90 min

Founders of the iconic Bauhaus school wondered why certain artworks are able to produce a “wow effect” on the viewer—and how to teach the creation of such artworks. This course invites participants to immerse in the Bauhaus universe of creative experimentations and methods. 

Why do the works of the Bauhaus school still surprise us? The course designed by the artist Anna Parkina will help to find answers to this question. Anna will share her own artistic experience acquired when she worked and studied in Europe and the US. 

Bauhaus has forever changed the culture of art and design. The course instructor will introduce participants to the school’s key creative methods and instigate discussions around the issues of color and tone, form-making, texture, movement, expression, and style. During the practical part, course members will be able to create their own works inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetic.

Class size: 15

Price per Segment: 12 000 RUB

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