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History of Painting. Accessible






Garage’s special course History of Painting. Accessible is designed for blind and visually impaired visitors.

Painting is one of the ancient arts which emerged almost with the man himself and over time has evolved from cave paintings to cutting edge movements of the twenty-first century. Therefore, we can trace the development of human mind via the history of painting throughout the existence of civilization. Any type of painting reflects the critical and aesthetic ideas of a particular era, meaning that by studying the history of painting we study history per se.

Completing the five-class course History of Painting. Accessible will allow participants to get acquainted with the key milestones in the development of painting, learn how visual representation of man has evolved from the Neolithic age until our time, and become familiar with some iconic masterpieces.

The acquired information will help participants to better understand historical contexts of particular artworks.


Natalia Kortunova is an art historian, author of books and articles on art, senior fellow at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts since 2002. She graduated in Art History from the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) in 2001. Kortunova  regularly lectures at RSUH’s Graduate School of Art Practices, MosArtSchool and other Moscow platforms.


Vera Fevralskih is an audio description commentator. She studied at the Reakomp Institute and has worked as an audio description commentator since 2011. In collaboration with Art, Science and Sport Foundation, she conducts direct audio description commentary in Moscow’s theaters, including Sovremennik, Helikon-Opera, Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater, and Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Having created audio descriptions for over thirty Russian films, Fevralskih  also collaborates with museum institutions.

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