Garagents: Architectural thinking course for adults and children of 7 to 12 years of age


From 7 March 2021 to 30 May 2021


12:30 – 14:30


Kids’ Studio

11 sessions

120 min with one break
Garagents: Architectural thinking course for adults and children of 7 to 12 years of ageGaragents: Architectural thinking course for adults and children of 7 to 12 years of age

The course will outline the working methods of architects as well as research and design skills. Using the Museum as a model of an urban space, participants will explore its environment, power points, and routes—before designing and constructing an installation that embodies the spirit of the place.

Guided by professional architects, two teams of adults and kids will explore the concept of architectural space and try various methods of its investigation and description—using scientific tools and through artistic practices, while also learning the key design stages, from drawing up a hypothesis to presenting research results in the form of a collective installation.

Space is one of the key architectural categories that define a place. Equally as important as the walls of a building and its history, space includes the environment created inside it, the functions of the place, and the culture of its inhabitants. Garagents are Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s visitors and community since the Museum is a city within a city, where diverse events follow unique scenarios, and even time passes in its own way. Like every city, Garage carries its own spirit of place, its own symbol.

The course is composed of four main stages: introduction, research, design, and project presentation. Classes combine theory and practice in the form of individual and group work. At the end of each session, participants will give a short presentation and discuss each other’s works. Both adults and children will also keep sketchbooks or art diaries.


Together with architects, participants will explore the Museum’s space—the visible, or physical, and the invisible, or cultural. Adults and children will get acquainted with the notion of scale, investigate the practices of measuring space through movement and senses, conduct field studies around and inside the building, acquire the skills of sketching plans and interiors as well as collecting artifacts via audio, photo, and video recording.

Participants will also get introduced to the field methods of socio-anthropological research, such as participant observation, interviews, and analysis of the Museum’s social networks.


Based on the information accumulated during the research stage, the participants, together with the educators-architects, will form an idea of how to embody the symbol of the place. Each group will put their idea into words and create prototypes using different techniques. It can be graphics, clay sculpture, modeling and digital visualization, or augmented reality (AR) technology.


Adults and children will have to join forces to create an installation from the works developed during the course, including maps, sketches and models, photo, video, audio and graphic materials.

You can invite friends and guests to the presentation of the final piece. At the end of the presentation, the participants will ceremoniously dismount the installation.

Class size: 

15—in the children’s group and 15 in the adult group.

Classes are held in separate parallel groups for children and adults.


Adult + child – 19,800 RUB for two persons

Individual (one adult or one child) – 13,200 RUB

Family ticket for three persons – 23,100 RUB

Number of lessons and duration:

Sundays, March 7–May 30, 2021


11 120-minute classes with one break

The Garagents program is designed by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Drakonoproject 

@drakonoproject creative workshop.


For more information on the course, please contact us.