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Course: A Chronicle of Contemporary Cinema. Innovators vs Archaists






10 lectures

90 min

A course for those who wish to understand the history, main trends, and personalities of twenty-first-century cinema.

The course will focus on innovators and classics who made the most significant and talked about (not only within the professional community) films over the past twenty years. Participants will analyze the peculiarities of the director’s vision, the style and poetics of each movement, study their connection with the earlier tradition, and learn more about the revolution of the end of the twentieth century and substantial innovations in cinema.

The classes will help participants to get or expand an understanding of contemporary cinema, prepare a map for independent study, and systematize knowledge about the development of filmmaking in the twenty-first century.

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Number of classes and duration:

Ten 90-minute lectures

Classes are held in Garage Auditorium and online with broadcast on a closed channel.

All course participants will also receive access to a channel featuring additional materials for further study and group discussion.

Season ticket costs:

Full-time (includes access to online broadcasts of sessions, optional)—12,000 RUB

Online—9,000 RUB

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