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10 sessions

120 min


Through art practices, children learn to understand and express their thoughts and feelings, take into consideration thoughts and feelings of other people, realize their preferences, take the initiative, deal with stress, and find creative solutions to everyday issues.

The term “art therapy” stands for any therapeutic use of the creative art-making process as part of the professional interaction between a therapist and a client. The “therapeutic use” means that the chosen activity helps the client achieve awareness of his or her inner self – “What I feel”, “Why I react this way”, “What I want”, “Why I am (not) doing it”, “What scares me”, “What makes me happy”, “What I prefer”, and so on.

The major goal pursued by children’s art therapy groups is to teach children to express complex emotions and states. During the sessions, children master verbal and non-verbal self-expression, not the artistic arsenal. 

Course Instructors seek to make our art therapy course unique and custom-made for particular groups through deliberate selection of art practices and analysis of the educational process. It means that each creative assignment we give is adequate to a particular individual or group dynamics. Each children’s group session ends with individual parental counsel. Additional counseling sessions for parents are available on demand.

Class size: 6

Price per Segment: 13 000 RUB

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17 сентября – 19 ноября 2016

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