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Two groups

20 sessions

90 min


The “Art of Seeing” family course is both an overview of architectural history and an exercise in spatial reasoning. For children ages 8+ and their parents.

The theory part covers the evolution of architectural styles and forms, while the project work is designed to enhance participants’ perception of space and understanding of architectural proportions, silhouettes, and composition.

Course Format: 20 classes in two blocks: the first block (10 classes) takes place February through April; the second block (10 classes) takes place September through December. Participants may subscribe to either segment; however, it is recommended to start with the first block.

Class size: 15

Price per one child: 9 500 RUB

Price per one child + one adult: 11 000 RUB

Price per one child + two adult: 13 000 RUB

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Scale: from chair to planet
11 February – 22 April 2017

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