Architecture: the art of seeing (18+ Series)







10 sessions

90 min


The course offers an introduction to the history and basic concepts of architecture, and puts its evolution in a historical and social context, explaining how architecture has been affected by new social demands, advances in technology and the discovery of new materials.

How do we “dissect” a building? How do architects organize traffic in entire cities? How and why did skyscrapers come about? How has architecture served the state and the church? What kind of buildings do architects design for themselves? What is so special about the Shukhov tower, and why is it so admired in the East?

Each class will be complete with a practical assignment encouraging participants to develop their own project: design a building of the future, assemble a Shukhov tower model, or write an architect’s manifesto.

Class size: 25

Price per Segment: 13 000 RUB

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