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A course for teenagers. A Secret Animation Workshop






Garage’s Inclusive Programs department launches A Secret Animation Workshop—a new animation course for teenagers.

Making an animated film involves working with words, images, sound, and many other mediums, meaning animation requires a plethora of various specialists.

Participants of this workshop will take on many different roles, while developing plots and scripts, drawing, sculpting, cutting and pasting, recording sound and video, taking photographs, etc. The teenagers will also have the opportunity to learn how to make agreements with each other, work in a team, and find the most effective solutions to their tasks.

To complete the course, the group will run an open session where each participant will present their animated film.



Vladimir Averin is a photographer and art educator. He graduated in Contemporary Russian Literature, Literature Theory and Pedagogics from RSUH (2016) and taught art and literature at a secondary school. Averin currently collaborates with the online resource Takie Dela and develops his own independent projects. He runs the animation studio for children and teenagers Smotri u menya!, an animation studio for people with ASD, teaches at the Sunduk inclusive workshops, and delivers inclusive animation master-classes.



Irina Svetlichnaya is an artist and pedagogue. Graduate of Moscow State University of Design and Technology (2009). Author and methodologist of various education programs for creative studios and laboratories, Svetlichnaya ran a theater lab for teenagers at the British Higher School of Art and Design in 2017/2018 and makes props for Moscow’s Theater Ten’. She also works as an event host at family camps run by the Perekrestok Center for Social and Psychological Adaptation and Development.  She has worked as a teacher and author of education and inclusive programs at Garage since 2017.

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